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Generate Free Traffic For your WEBSITE in an easy way

Generate Free Traffic For your WEBSITE in an easy way

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10 Free Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Driving traffic to your affiliate site is not difficult, you simply need to focus on methods that have been tried and tested to work. Let's take a look at 10 of the very best and proven methods for driving traffic to your website.

1. Blog Comments
Commenting on blogs related to your niche can drive remarkable amounts of traffic. The key to getting a link to stay on these blogs is to make your reply helpful and relevant. It is no use just writing a short sentence then linking to your site, you need to write a long, useful reply and then point people to your site advising them that further information can be found there. Of course, there is no need to tell anyone that it's your site!

2. Forum Signatures
Posting on related forums with a link to your site in your signature can work well, if the forum admin allows it. It is always wise to build up a credible forum account before trying this tactic.

3. Social Sites

4. Article Submissions
Article marketing can literally be the only method of traffic generation you do and if done well, can bring you traffic for years. The best place to submit articles to is Make sure your resource box has an enticing call to action for people to visit your site.

5. Videos
Submitting a video to YouTube can have an astounding effect. If your video is viral in nature, that is if people will want to share it with friends, then the potential for web traffic is enormous. Your videos should have relevance to your website and of course display your site URL in the video itself plus in the description box.

6. Viral ebooks
Giving away free ebooks is a great way to gain traffic. People love anything that is free, so handing them an ebook in exchange for their email address not only gains you visitors but also builds your mailing list for future use.

7. Email marketing
After you start building a list you can begin emailing them. It is important not to flood the list with offers or people will unsubscribe. Ideally you should provide useful information regularly and every so often include an offer or product recommendation using your affiliate link. List members will then respect your opinion as you have provided them with so much value.

8. Squidoo allows you to create your own page called a lens. A lens can contain any information, many affiliate marketers post articles related to their niche and a link to their website. Because Google loves Squidoo, it is possible for your lens to rank very high in the search engine and as such, lead people to your website. You can also promote products directly on your Squidoo lens.

9. Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Answers provides an excellent platform for gaining visitors but you must tread carefully. Answering questions in a helpful manner plus slipping in your website link in a subtle way is a great tactic.

10. Free Blogs
Similar to the Squidoo strategy, creating a free blog at or may increase your chance of ranking well in the search engines. These sites become like mini satellite sites to your main site and add yet another method of traffic generation to your arsenal.
The above ten free traffic generation methods all work. How well they work will depend how much effort you put into each one and of course, how useful your website is to visitors.

High Quality Free Targeted Traffic in Just 4 Steps

You had a great looking website, you worked the hell out on crafting the perfect product but soon you found that there are no takers. This is one of the most common frustrations that a webmaster gets while trying to get quality traffic. It is quite true that paid advertising yields great results but obviously you have to shell out a good sum of money to get the traffic. There have been a lot of discussion, articles, talk on various websites, forums and blogs on traffic building techniques but all the techniques only create greater confusion in the webmaster's mind. Following a single technique with dedication would often produce better results than not.

If you would ask what is the best single technique that would prove to be most effective for my business? Then, with my 7 years of experience in SEO, I would answer - tell people about your product or service and they will come to you. The more people know about what you provide, the better would be the response for the same. As I mentioned above to tell people, advertising is thought of as the sole medium. This isn't totally true, yet another way that can give you quality free traffic day after day is by writing articles. You might already know this, but as I said may be you did not put adequate attention and dedication.

I would try to explain a quick 4 step process that would guarantee high quality targeted traffic to your website. These steps might require at least 10 iterations. The more iterations, the more better, the more traffic!

The 4 Step Traffic Building Model

1. Researching keywords

It is very important to know which keywords would aid you in your quest and prove to be the most effective ones. Researching keywords is not as difficult as it earlier used to be. If the title of this article says Free Targeted Traffic then I won't tell you about wordtracker (paid keyword researcher tool) instead I would like to talk about free options. I used to use Google AdWords Tool ( but the other day I found out a nifty tool that lets you see how many people search for your keyword on a monthly basis. The tool is named Spacky and can be found at Dumb name... really but an awesome tool (somehow their slogan says the same). The spacky tool lets you see how many people search for a particular keyword on Yahoo, Google or Microsoft Network. If this tool is used in conjunction with the Google AdWords Tool, you have your keyword research done.

2. Creating an effective article title

After you have researched your keywords, you need to form a effective catchy title which would include the keywords. Make sure you don't get over enthusiastic and create an all keyword title. Try to be rational in your approach. For example, if you are a children clothing selling company and your researched keywords are clothes for children, child clothes, cheap child clothes, funky child clothes, birthday child clothes, etc; you can make a title like Cheap and Funky Children Clothes. You can cover other keywords in different titles (when you iterate the 4 step traffic building process)

3. Writing your article

This is the most important aspect of the traffic building process, so you would need to be very careful on this. So, you have the right keywords, you have the right title and now it's time to write the right article. To write an effective article, make sure what your title says is reflected in your article, make sure you cover all your primary keywords and try to add related ones too. This would ensure you pass Google's Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) technology. Now, the most important thing you should keep in mind is that you need to be very professional while writing your article. Try to write in a way that is easily understood by readers and would influence them into clicking your link whilst trying to maintain the quality of writing. You need to actually guide them about the title you have prepared rather than keeping just selling in mind. If you are successful with this, 90% of your job is done.

4. Submitting your article

I would immediately like to warn you about automated submission tools. These tools would provide a dirty way for you to provide your article to thousands of article directory based websites but it won't give you the natural credibility of creating your own account and submitting manually. You get the picture - create an author account, select proper category for your article, paste your article and submit it - totally manually. If you have an account you can always return back and submit more articles. This would give you more credibility through the website's perspective as well as will help you create a substantial article base which would in turn bring you high quality targeted traffic.
As I mentioned above to be successful in this pursuit you need to repeat these 4 steps as many times as possible and write as many articles as possible related to your business service or product. Remember; don't expect things to happen all of a sudden, a formalized, proper and dedicated approach would surely ensure that your efforts are paid off. The best thing about this process is that you get traffic month after month repeatedly with just one stretch of work.
A few list of sites you can submit your articles to:


Make sure, you tweak and change your article just a little bit for each article submission site. So, your article would be different for each site and your chances of one of them getting ranked, would be higher.

How to Advertise Your Website For Free - Proven Tips For Tons of Traffic

In this article we are going to quickly cover a few easy ways to advertise your website for free. Now, before we go on, I'm NOT going to cover any odd, esoteric or silly strategies like link exchanges, surfing for credits and any other nefarious nonsense that won't do you any good. Rather, I'm going to cover timeless and elegant techniques that work for ME everyday, and will do the very same for you in rapid fire turn around time if you put them to use. So if you've got BIG ambitions, but a very small budget, read on as we get to work!

Press Releases are Priceless

If you aren't writing press releases, you are leaving a ton of free publicity on the table on a daily basis. What do YOU have going on that worthy of submitting a free press release? Anything you want. Most online directories that accept free submissions WILL reprint your release if you have something topical to say, and the EASIEST way to do that is simply tie something you are doing with a newsworthy event. How about a Halloween oriented promotion? Or a McCain/Obama debate deal? Who cares - if you can say something entertaining, and incorporate your own personality with a promotion, you WILL get good coverage via a free press release. ( and great search engine placement to boot if you use your keywords well!)
Article Marketing is Easy Advertising for Years To Come

I love article marketing. I really do. I do a ton of it in so many different niches that I could simply rely on JUST this one strategy for a full time income if I wanted to. And the truth is, so too can you! If you have a business to promote, and a budget that hasn't evolved to meet your ambitions, writing content rich articles is the most expeditious way of getting an avalanche of traffic, and for FREE. Now, there ARE few tricks to amping UP your response - you want to test lots of good resource boxes ( where you place your click able links) and do some good and wide keyword research to boot, but if money is an object, this is THE way to start without a doubt!

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