Friday, August 29, 2008

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How to Make Money Using MySpace

How to Make Money Using MySpace

In today’s increasingly expensive society, a need for a second income arises more and more each day. The problem with this is that no one has the time to get a second job, so we often Google various methods of making money online. Unfortunately, with all of the money making schemes online today, it’s hard to really trust that one method really works. Spending money on e-books that tell you all these “easy” ways to make money can empty your pockets rather than fill them, especially because most of these schemes require you to have some sort of expertise of the internet. Now because of this, these schemes may seem like scams, but you have to look at them from a different way. It’s very possible to make money using MySpace as your gateway.


Generate revenue.
Join an affiliate program network (Clickbank or Commission Junction). Affiliate programs are when you will advertise a product for a specific seller. Every person that is forwarded to the seller’s website through your advertising, you will make a percentage of the profit, it’s that simple. The seller will provide you specifically coded links that you can post anywhere on the internet, and these links will refer back to your program every time someone uses them. On your blog you can have PPC ads which generate revenue for you. After a while, it’s money straight into your pocket.
Get people to click your links and visit your site. This is where MySpace comes in. With MySpace, you can use bulletins, messages, or comments to post these links, but you have to do so carefully and discretely. You don’t want it to look like spam. So you need to create a good profile on MySpace that looks attractive.
Start making friends. With a large friend list, you can reach all of your friends with the push of a button. This is where it can become tedious and boring. That's why some use a MySpace friend adding program like
FriendAdder. With a program like this, you can add 500 friends per day, and reach out to millions automatically. This program alone can generate hundreds of thousands of referrals to your affiliate programs and a great deal of money in your pocket.

Start sending bulletins and comments. Now, here's where it can get tricky. You don’t want to make the bulletins seem like huge advertisements. So one method some use is to make up an interesting story that will make other MySpacers want to follow your link. Sometimes, it's even a good idea to create a landing page with some non-advertising information on it, and stick your affiliate link on that page. It might save you from being flagged for spam. With
FriendAdder, you can automatically send bulletins on a regular schedule and also send comments to all of your friends at once. This helps generate tons of back-links and hits.

Adjust everything accordingly. If one type of bulletin is not working, try changing it around, or changing your landing page.