Friday, September 12, 2008

How to Advertise Your Website For Free - Proven Tips For Tons of Traffic

In this article we are going to quickly cover a few easy ways to advertise your website for free. Now, before we go on, I'm NOT going to cover any odd, esoteric or silly strategies like link exchanges, surfing for credits and any other nefarious nonsense that won't do you any good. Rather, I'm going to cover timeless and elegant techniques that work for ME everyday, and will do the very same for you in rapid fire turn around time if you put them to use. So if you've got BIG ambitions, but a very small budget, read on as we get to work!

Press Releases are Priceless

If you aren't writing press releases, you are leaving a ton of free publicity on the table on a daily basis. What do YOU have going on that worthy of submitting a free press release? Anything you want. Most online directories that accept free submissions WILL reprint your release if you have something topical to say, and the EASIEST way to do that is simply tie something you are doing with a newsworthy event. How about a Halloween oriented promotion? Or a McCain/Obama debate deal? Who cares - if you can say something entertaining, and incorporate your own personality with a promotion, you WILL get good coverage via a free press release. ( and great search engine placement to boot if you use your keywords well!)
Article Marketing is Easy Advertising for Years To Come

I love article marketing. I really do. I do a ton of it in so many different niches that I could simply rely on JUST this one strategy for a full time income if I wanted to. And the truth is, so too can you! If you have a business to promote, and a budget that hasn't evolved to meet your ambitions, writing content rich articles is the most expeditious way of getting an avalanche of traffic, and for FREE. Now, there ARE few tricks to amping UP your response - you want to test lots of good resource boxes ( where you place your click able links) and do some good and wide keyword research to boot, but if money is an object, this is THE way to start without a doubt!

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